Cher Confrères et Consoeurs,

What's going on in 2019!


January 26, 2019   Annual Business Luncheon at Sedona
Rouge Resort 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM cost is $40 times

January 13, 2019    Mondiale -  Vino di Sedona  2 -5 pm

 Drinking Horn and Superstition Meaderies an
educational seminar         
February 3, 2019   " Dinner for the Lovers of Wine" at  

February 24, 2019    Mondiale - Champagne, Vodka &
Caviar  @ Emily Youngs' home

Mar 1-3rd – Chaine - Jeunes Young Chefs Rotisseurs
Competition – Costa Mesa, CA      

Hello Sedona Bailliage,
Let me first say a great big thank you to all of my Board of
Directors and the Team at Enchantment who helped to
make this years Gala Induction Dinner a huge success.
Everything was truly lovely, it makes me proud to call this
induction the last one I will be overseeing as your Bailli.
With the Holidays upon us, I felt like emailing you in
advance a short list of some of this next years already
planned events.

The  First one is our Annual Business Luncheon which is
scheduled for January 26th at Sedona Rouge, this
meeting is very important for all members, it is here we
will discuss upcoming events, the inner workings of your
Board of Directors and the nomination(s) for your next
Bailli, everyone's input is important. I will be emailing out
more information on this event directly after the Holidays.

Please all have a safe and joyous Holiday Season!

Paula Woolsey Bailli
Sedona Bailliage
(928) 593-9694


Paula Woolsey Bailli
Sedona Bailliage
(928) 593-9694