Board of Directors 2020

Wes Schemmer - Bailli
Bailli, is in charge of all activities of the bailliage and works with a Board of Directors appointed by
him/her. They are responsible for control of all business affairs of the bailliage, presides at all
meetings and signs and executes all documents required of the bailliage. Represents the bailliage as
a member of the National Council, reports, cooperates and communicates with the pertinent Bailli
Provincial, Chambellan Provinciaux and other Regional Officers, as appointed. They must also
maintain effective and accurate records of the affairs of the bailliage and see that all reports are
issued on a timely basis.

Scott Pitts – Vice Chancelier Argentier
Vice Chancelier-Argentier is, in effect the Vice President and Treasurer of the bailliage who acts in the
place and stead of the Bailli in the case of illness or absence. The Argentier is the administrator who
handles the bailliage treasury and is responsible for the bailliage books and accounts.

Emil Molin - Vice Conseiller Gastronomique
Vice Conseiller Gastronomique is a non-professional in charge of the menu selection and wines for
bailliage functions. They consult with the Bailli, the Vice Conseiller Culinaire, Vice Echanson and the
Menu Committee, if any. This officer must be very knowledgeable about both food and wine. In
essence, this officer functions as Chairman of the Dinner Committee.

Christina Hemingson - Vice Conseiller Culinaire
Vice Conseiller Culinaire must be a food or service professional or other professional dealing with the
procurement and service of food. Their primary function is the realization of the dinner, its ambiance,
decor, decorations and menu consultation with the Bailli, the Vice Conseiller Gastronomique, the Vice
Echanson and the Menu Committee. This officer coordinates the activities of the other professional
members of the bailliage.

Malachy Wienges - Vice Chargė de Missions
Vice Chargé de Missions, at the request of the Bailli, undertakes special tasks such as membership
and functions. They are involved in the development of bailliage policies and procedures. This officer is
frequently in charge of the Membership Committee.

Mike Schroeder - Vice Charge de Medias Sociaux
Vice Charge de Medias Sociaux, at the request of the Bailli, undertakes all Bailliage website
development and all social media outreach. They are involved in the development of bailliage policies
and procedures. This officer is frequently in involved with the Membership Outreach.

Scott Law - Vice Echanson
Vice Echanson is in charge of activities, functions and administration relating to
Société Mondiale du Vin. They assist in selection of wines for all bailliage functions and are generally
responsible for the bailliage wine cellar.

TBD -  Vice Chargė de Presse
Vice Chargé de Presse is in charge of public relations and communications for the bailliage and is
responsible for press releases regarding Bailliage activities. They cooperate and communicate with
the Chargé de Presse Provincial, and provide reports of the Bailliage activities, along with
photographs, for possible inclusion in the National Bailliage’s publication, Gastronome.

Dr. Barbara Breitbart, Chambellan Provincial
Lynne Montedonico
Sheldon Breitbart
Joseph Montedonico
Paula Woosley