The Société Mondiale du Vin is designed to provide an organization within the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs that specializes in the
appreciation of wine and other crafted beverages. The Société encourages the collection and dissemination of information on
wines and quality spirits as well as the enjoyment, understanding and procurement of fine beverages. The Société provides a
means for mutual sharing among those who appreciate fine beverages as part of the Chaîne dining experience as well as
recognition for those professionals who are beverage oriented.


The Société Mondiale du Vin is composed of Chaîne members in good standing who are professionally involved in the wine and
spirits industry or are amateur connoisseurs with a special knowledge or interest in wine and crafted beverages and who are
dedicated to promoting the education and enjoyment of them as a vital part of the dining experience.

Candidates for membership must be sponsored by a member of the Société Mondiale du Vin in good standing. The proposed
members’ application must be approved by the member’s chapter Bailli, The Bailli Provincial or a national officer of the Société
Mondiale du Vin. Separate Mondiale application forms are available from the National Office.

Candidates are entered in the membership rolls upon receipt in the National Office of their approved application form and proper
payment. New members are formally inducted and receive their decoration and certificate a separate Société Mondiale du Vin
inductions organized from time to time nationally and with in each region.