Dear Confrères et Consoeurs,

During a recent board meeting the decision was made to adjust the fee
structure for new members joining before June 30, 2015, that are the
children of members (or their spouses, sons and daughters-in-law).

This is a first ever opportunity to have our sons and daughters (and their
spouse) join our beloved Chaîne at a substantially reduced cost. Your
children (and their spouses) age 35 and above can join for half of our
regular membership fee and half of our dues for those that complete the
paperwork by June 30, 2015.  The combined cost is $250 instead of $500, a
special savings of $250 their first year!  We anticipate that with this special
opportunity that you will want to make every effort to recruit your children to
join and take advantage of this limited opportunity, or surprise them with a
membership! Children aged 21-35 may also join as Ecuyers.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to ask your friends to join you as members of
the Chaîne.  It does not take much to invite a friend of the family or a family
member to the next Chaîne event and then follow up with an invitation to
join. We need new and engaged members to sustain our beloved Chaîne.  
Perhaps just as important is the opportunity that you give them to enjoy the
wonderful organization that means so much to you.

By bringing in a new member you will be recognized for doing so and be able
to sport the new “Share the Chaîne” pin on your ribbon.

Thank you very much to the many of you who have sponsored new members
and we hope that your actions will not go unnoticed by other members who
also want to be recognized for these efforts.

Vive la Chaîne!

Bailli Délégué